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10/20/2021K-5 Math CLC NYSED Updates1351008:30 AM9:15 AMZoomPastView
10/20/2021K-5 Math CLC Building Conceptual Understanding1451009:15 AM10:30 AMZoomPastView
10/20/2021K-5 Math CLC Unmuting the Sit and Get12510010:45 AM12:00 PMZoomPastView
10/20/2021K-5 Math CLC Number Sense Interventions10510012:45 PM2:00 PMZoomPastView
10/20/2021K-5 Math CLC Appy Hour1151002:00 PM2:30 PMZoomPastView
12/08/2021K-5 Math CLC NYSED Updates251008:30 AM9:15 AMZoomAvailableView
12/08/2021K-5 Math CLC Number Talks351009:15 AM10:30 AMZoomAvailableView
12/08/2021K-5 Math CLC Building Numerical Literacy with Daily Routines3510010:45 AM12:00 PMZoomAvailableView
12/08/2021K-5 Math CLC NYSED Scaffold Guides and Toolkits3510012:45 PM2:00 PMZoomAvailableView
12/08/2021K-5 Math CLC Appy Hour351002:00 PM2:30 PMZoomAvailableView
02/09/2022K-5 Math CLC NYSED Updates351008:30 AM9:15 AMZoomAvailableView
02/09/2022K-5 Math CLC Math and Movement in the Elementary Classroom351009:15 AM10:30 AMZoomAvailableView
02/09/2022K-5 Math CLC Benchmarks and Performance Level Descriptors3510010:45 AM12:00 PMZoomAvailableView
02/09/2022K-5 Math CLC Mathseeds3510012:45 PM2:00 PMZoomAvailableView
02/09/2022K-5 Math CLC Appy Hour351002:00 PM2:30 PMZoomAvailableView