ISS Staff Listing
    Tori Blakely
Keyboard Specialist for Student Programs
Contact Me For: Questions regarding Summer School & Drivers Education (405), CoSer's 402 (Enrichment) & 403 (Arts in Education), Extra-Curricular Activities (506) [Scholastic Challenge, Vex Robotics, First Lego League, Odyssey of the Mind], and Career Exploration (520). 716-376-8292
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    Matthew Bucholz
STEM Coach
Contact Me For: Modeling and Co-Teaching Environmental Education STEM-based lessons. Environmental Education resources for classrooms. Information about Environmental Education kits. Coordinating Ecology Camps and other Environmental Education-based field trips for your school district. Coordinating Environmental Education-themed events and activities such as science fairs, school gardens, and Earth Day celebrations. Assistance with the StarLab.
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    Mark Carls
Professional Development/Math Curriculum Coordinator at Friendship CSD
Contact Me For: Mathematics Curriculum Support, Dignity for All Students Act, Restorative Practices, CBT and released NYSED questions, Technology Integration, Data Analysis and Benchmark Assessments.
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    Sarah Cartmill
Professional Development/Curriculum Coordinator (Bolivar-Richburg CSD)
Contact Me For: Data-driven Instruction, Science of Reading research, Literacy Curriculum PK-12, ELA Support, Heggerty, CKLA, World Languages, Spanish Scope & Sequence, SEL, Best Practices, Vocabulary & Writing
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    Tim Clarke
Senior Program Manager for Professional Development
Contact Me For: Professional Development Planning; Professional Development Scheduling; Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion; Annual Professional Performance Review (APPR); Group Facilitation; Data Analysis; Curriculum Coordination; Strategic/Comprehensive Planning
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    Tim Cox
Assistant Superintendent for Instructional Support Services
Contact Me For: Instructional Support Services of Cattaraugus-Allegany BOCES researches, creates, and implements programming in the areas of professional development, digital and physical classroom learning resources, e-learning and distance learning connections, and student programming in the arts, summer school, extracurricular curriculums, and shared classroom teachers. With these services, our division of CA BOCES seeks to provide students in our region with the most contemporary, 21st century education. Our services support the educational community of Cattaraugus and Allegany Counties consisting of 18K students, 2,000 educators, 22 component school districts across over 2,000 square miles.
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    Edelmiro Cruz
Itinerant Spanish Teacher
Contact Me For:
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    Catherine Dunkleman
Data Entry Operator Distance Learning
Contact Me For: Virtual Field Trips , Online Courses, Moodle, Zoom, Driver Ed
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    Rachelle Evans
Digital Resources Support Specialist
Contact Me For: Learning Resources Digital Account Management and Customer Service. Resources available: Insignia, Brain Pop, Study Island, Castle Learning, Reading Eggs, Gale, Learn 360, Discovery, Soundzabound, Teaching Books, Tumblebooks, Twig, Tig Tag, Tig Tag Jr, Worldbook, Cuethink, Khan Academy, Math Seeds, Advancing Stem Accounts, Reading Eggs Express, Overdrive, PBS Learning Media & Nearpod. Also, Hard Copy Media support available to include, books, resource kits, robotics kits, game based kits, data collection, equipment, baby think it over kits and accessories.
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    Kelli Forster
Community Schools Coordinator
Contact Me For: ELA for PreK-12, Early Learning, Curriculum Planning/Maps, Standards Based Instruction, SEL, Family Engagement and Parent Support, RTI/MTSS, IDI, Cultural Proficiency, Teacher Mentoring, Classroom Management, Mental Health First Aid, Social Emotional Learning, Suicide Prevention, Poverty Simulation
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    Alexandra Freer
Digital Resources & Technology Coordinator
Contact Me For: Insignia, Castle Learning, Reading Eggs, Math Seeds, Breakout EDU, Discovery, Code Monkey, BrainPOP, Twig, Tig Tag, Tig Tag Jr.,
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    Janelle Freer
Professional Development/Curriculum Coordinator
Contact Me For: ELA PK-7, ELA Modules, Social Studies K-5, Heggerty, Data Driven Instruction, Literacy Intervention K-5, Curriculum Mapping, IDI, CRS-E Framework, Poverty Simulation, Cultural Proficiency
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    Cecelia Fuoco
School Library Systems Senior Coordinator / Staff Specialist
Contact Me For: Digital Citizenship, Library Collection Management & Weeding, Database Training, OverDrive eBooks, Open Educational Resources, Research, Information Accessibility for ELL/ESOL students, Organizational Leadership, Professional Ethics
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    Cheri George

Contact Me For:
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    Mary Gilbert
Administrative Assistant
Contact Me For: COSER 507 - Shared Professional Development COSER 509 - Athletic Coaching Courses COSER 613 - Bus Driver/Monitor Training
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    Kelli Grabowski
STEM Coordinator
Contact Me For: New York State Science Learning Standards (NYSSLS or NGSS), K-5 Advancing STEM Science Kits, PK Wee Engineer, K-5 Engineering is Elementary Kits, MS Engineering Everywhere Kits, MS Lab-Aids Curriculum, MS/HS Science curriculum mapping, Star Lab, STEM lesson integration, Climate change lesson integration, Geographic Information System (GIS) curriculum, New York State Science Assessments, 3-Dimensional lesson design
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    Robert Griffith
Sr. Professional Development and Curriculum Coordinator
Contact Me For: Social Studies Curriculum, Instructional Best Practice, Social Studies Assessments, NYSAA (New York State Alternative Assessment), BreakoutEDU, Blended and Personalized Learning, Differentiated Instruction and Assessments, Curriculum Audits and Alignment, Inquiry Design Model, and Technology Integration
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    Joan Haynes
Keyboard Specialist
Contact Me For: Cosers - 402 and 403, Summer School, Summer Driver's Education, Scholastic Challenge, Vex Robotics, First Lego League, and Odyssey of the Mind.
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    Karen Insley
Program Manager for Student Programs
Contact Me For: Educational Field Trips CoSer 402: Enrichment and 403: Arts in Education CoSer 506: Student Competitions: VEX Robotics, First LEGO, Scholastic Challenge, Odyssey of the Mind, eSports Itinerant Teachers: Art, Library, Music, ENL/ELL, Health, Athletic Trainer Summer School Driver Education County Government Moodle Zoom
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    Kristin Kurtzworth-Keen
Professional Development/Curriculum Coordinator
Contact Me For: Writing IEPs, Progress Monitoring, Explicit Instruction, Specially Designed Instruction (SDI), Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports, Test Modifications/Accommodations for Students with Disabilities, Transition Plans for Students with IEPs, Co-Teaching, Trainings for Teaching Assistants and Paraprofessionals, Differentiated Instruction
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    Tessa Levitt
Senior Coordinator of Professional Development & Curriculum
Contact Me For: Explicit Direct Instruction (EDI), ELA PK-8, Writing, Step UP to Writing, Growth Mindset, School Culture, Cooperative Learning Structures, Best Practices in Reading and Writing, Trauma Informed Classrooms, Process Writing using Six Traits, Core Knowledge ELA Modules, Expeditionary, Student Engagement, Visible Learning, Science of Reading.
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    Anne Mitchell
Coordinator for Professional Development & District Curriculum Coordinator
Contact Me For: Data Warehouse, Data Analysis, Data Meetings, District Goal Setting, ELA for 5-12, Comprehensive School Counseling Plan, Teacher Improvement Support, Response to Intervention, Teaching All Kinds of Minds, Family Engagement
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    Brooke Neamon
Curriculum Coordinator, Professional Development and Technology Integrator
Contact Me For: Technology integration, ELA 5-12, Gamification (Gimkit, Kahoot, etc.), Videos, Podcasts, Digital media and Literacies, Canva, Best Practices, Student Engagement, SEL, Cultural Proficiency.
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    Clay Nolan
Program Manager for Learning Resouces
Contact Me For: Distance Learning, STEM, School Library System, Educational Communications, Environmental Education, Vendor Communications, Data Privacy Agreements,Professional Development Planning, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Cultural Proficiency, Intercultural Development Inventory, and Group Facilitation
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    Elisabeth Phinney
Keyboard Specialist for Science and Environmental Ed
Contact Me For: Questions regarding Advancing STEM kits, live material orders, requesting science materials, accounts on the Advancing STEM website, accounts on Insignia and booking kits. Environmental Ed questions, including resources to checked out (skis, snowshoes, fishing poles, trout unlimited kit, and outdoor games).
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    Jillian Putnam
Curriculum Coordinator/Instructional Coordinator for Professional Development
Contact Me For: Restorative Practice, Dignity Act Coordinator Training, Dignity for All Students Act (DASA), Olweus Bully Prevention Program, Math for K-5, Data Driven Instruction, Standards Based Grading, Working with Students of Poverty, Curriculum Mapping, Early Learning
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    Richard Putt
Contact Me For: Move Orders, Interdepartmental mail, pick ups or deliveries
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    Michelle Rickicki
Professional Development & ELA Curriculum Coordinator
Contact Me For: Early Learning, PK-8 ELA, Reading Comprehension, Classroom Management, Classroom Culture, Cultural Proficiency, Restorative Practices, Pyramid Model for Early Childhood Education, Social-Emotional Learning, Trauma-Informed Schools, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Curriculum Planning,
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    Timothy Sage
Educational Materials Aide
Contact Me For: Science Kits (Advancing STEM, EiE, EE, Lab-Aids), Media Kits, Robotics Kits, Lamination, additional warehouse materials.
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    Jessica Schirrmacher-Smith
Professional Development and Curriculum Coordinator
Contact Me For: Dignity Act Coordinator Training, Dignity for All Students Act (DASA) Certification, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Leadership Implementation for Restorative Practice, Instructional Strategies and Support, Early Learning, Literacy and Numeracy Support, Social/Emotional Learning and Trauma Informed Practices.
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    Lisa Scott
Distance Learning Teacher
Contact Me For: Online learning courses, Moodle utilizations I can assist with finding the right online provider/course best suited for student needs, including credit recovery, online course choices through our online course catalog, online course registration, and Moodle registration and utilization. I mentor students in our online program and can provide assistance with many different learning management systems. I also teach Science electives including Marine Science, Forensics Science and Great Minds in Science.
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    Justin Shumaker
Distance Learning Coordinator
Contact Me For: Moodle, Zoom, Video Conferencing Courses, Online Courses, Virtual Field Trips, Classroom-to-Classroom Connections, and your other Distance Learning needs. Classroom Management, Questioning Techniques/Strategies, Student Engagement Strategies for in-person/online courses.
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    Lindsay Simpson
Curriculum Coordinator/Professional Development
Contact Me For: Instructional Technology Integration NYSAA (New York State Alternative Assessment) Digital Creation Tools: Video, Podcasts, and other media New York State Science Learning Standards (NYSSLS or NGSS) NYS Science Investigations NYS Computer Science & Digital Fluency Standards STEM Integration
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    Laurie Sledge
Data Integration Technician
Contact Me For: Registration for Professional Development Training, Attendance certificates, CTLE certificates, Sub reimbursement, DASA registration
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    Jenna Tost
Professional Development, Curriculum Coordinator
Contact Me For: Classroom Management, ELA Curriculum, student engagement, best practices, RTI/MTSS, ELA technology tools for the classroom, book/author studies, etc.
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    Kristy Watson

Contact Me For:
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    Rick Weinberg
Professional Development and Curriculum Coordinator
Contact Me For: General Tech Integration, Robotics, Coding, Computer Programming, MakerSpace.
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    Joshua Whiteman
Curriculum/Professional Development Coordinator - Technology Integration
Contact Me For: General Technology Integration, ELA 7-12, NewsELA, CommonLit, Book Creator, Gamification (Gimkit, Blooket, Minecraft EDU, etc.), Canva, Office 365, Microsoft Teams, Nearpod, CBT Testing
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