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Seminar NameOn Demand: Library Systems Training
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Seminar Date07/07/2022
Opening Time8:30 am
Closing Time3:15 pm
Last Day To Register07/06/2022      [ Note: After this date, participation changes can be requested by e-mailing Laurie Sledge ]
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Seminar Topics, Concepts & Resources-School Library Program Rubric
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Seminar Objectives-Review K-12 Scaffold of Research Skills
-Review K-12 Benchmark Skills from the ESIFC
-Increase awareness of Project Look Sharp's tip sheet on decoding media messages
-Develop insight into concept maps for increasing communication skills
-Complete a portion of the School Library Program Rubric
Work Summary-Participant share strengths and weaknesses as well as her goals for the program
-Would like to be in the high school more, collaborate with more teachers
-Facilitator drew a concept map for participant and demonstrated how important it is to see input from others before implementing a plan
-A superintendent approved her idea but this wasn't well received by others who were not part of the planning process
-Participants was encouraged to use a concept map to determine who might be impacted on decisions she makes _Technology dept, aides, custodians, etc
-Reviewed IFC benchmark skills to help with library programming
-Participant responded favorably to this review and plans to use as an instructional guide
-Went through the School Library Program Rubric and completed section 1
-Facilitator asked participant to complete sections 2 and 3 on her own
-We will review these in our next meeting
-Participant will be sharing the rubric with superintendent
Assessment of Learning-Participant was professional and engaged in all conversations
-Participant participated in activities and provided feedback that reflected understanding and insight
Evaluation Summary Notes-Participant was receptive to facilitator training and suggestions
-Mentioned she is unable to attend district faculty meetings because they are held on days she is out of district
-Facilitator suggested using Flipgrid to share a 1-2 minute video about library resources or any announcements of interest to faculty that superintendent can share during the faculty meeting
-Participants said she would like to learn how to use Flip (f/k/a flipgrid)
Needed Changes-Nothing at this time
Next Steps-Meeting on 7/21/22 at LR
-Noodletool training
-Flip training
-Review of SLP rubric
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SiteCA BOCES - Learning Resources
Site StatusOn Demand
Duration6.75 Hours
Rolling Online CourseNo
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Seminar StatusHeld
WorkshopOn Demand: Library Systems Training
Starting Registration8:00 am
Credit Hours6.25
CTLE EligibleYes
Social Worker Continuing EdNo
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Provider529 - Professional Development
Category510 - Library Services
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Added ByLaurie Sledge
Seminar Id7576

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