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Seminar NameELA Summer Institute 2020 Day 2
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Seminar Short DescJoin us for a 3-day deep dive into ELA instruction! Days 1 & 2 are with Angela Stockman, author of Hacking the Writing Workshop and Make Writing focusing on Dismantling the Myth of the Resistant Writer: Multimodal Composition Face-to-Face and Across the Distance. Day 3 is a Digital Conference Day that will include a variety of topics related to ELA Instruction in reading and writing and NYS Next Generation ELA Standards.
Seminar Full DescJoin us for a three day deep dive into ELA instruction!

Days 1 and 2 we will be working with Angela Stockman, author of Hacking the Writing Workshop and Make Writing. Her focus with us will be Dismantling the Myth of the Resistant Writer: Multimodal Composition Face-t-Face and Across the Distance. Each morning will begin with a synchronous Zoom meeting facilitated by Angela, proceeded by an asynchronous morning learning opportunity that would result in tangible products. Groups would reconvene for a light debrief ahead of lunch, and then gather again to interpret and synthesize their thinking, learning, and work.

After Day 1 and Day 2, participants will be able to:
1. Define the six modes of expression and identify them at work in authentic multimodal compositions.
2. Use what is learned about our racial and sociopolitical history to challenge common myths about writers who present as reluctant or resistant. Describe how multimodal composition enables culturally and linguistically diverse writers to scale print barriers long enough to facilitate the production of sophisticated text and print.

Day 3 is a Digital ELA Conference Day that will include a variety of different offerings on topics related to ELA instruction in reading and writing. We will have several sessions dedicated to NYS Next Generation ELA Standards support. Participants will be able to attend any number of sessions they desire. Schedule for the day will be forthcoming.
Workshop Full DescJoin us for a three day deep dive into ELA instruction! Day 1 will kick off with Angela Stockman, author of Hacking the Writing Workshop and Make Writing. Day 2 will include a dive into the implementation of the Next Generation ELA Standards and curriculum alignment, as well as continued support from Angela Stockman. Day 3 will be a conference day of multiple ELA offerings for teachers of all grade levels with teacher presenters and BOCES facilitators.

Topics that we will cover include data protocols, data dive, Next Generation Alignment Tool, best practices in ELA in writing, reading, speaking, and listening, Lifelong Practices of Readers and Writers, vocabulary instruction, and literacy protocols. We will explore strategies through the lens of the Hallmark Literacy Briefs
Seminar Date08/18/2020
Opening Time9:00 am
Closing Time2:30 pm
Last Day To Register08/17/2020      [ Note: After this date, participation changes can be requested by e-mailing Laurie Sledge ]
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Seminar Audience3-12 ELA Teachers
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Seminar ObjectivesParticipants will:
-Receive data and look for ways to adjust instruction based on findings.
-Unwrap a standard and explore how to implement it in the classroom at various grade levels.
-Engage in an activity to measure curriculum alignment using the tool released by NYS.
-Experience a personalized learning experience through choice in a conference style offering.
Assessment of Learning-Discussion
-Question and Answers
-Action Plan
Seminar Topics-Data, writing, reading, speaking, listening, vocabulary, civic readiness, literacy
-English Language Arts
-Next Generation Standards
-Curriculum capacity
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Day Number2 of 3
Duration5.5 Hours
Seminar StatusHeld
WorkshopELA Summer Institute
Day Number2
Total Workshop Days3
Starting Registration8:30 am
Credit Hours4.00 Per Day
CTLE EligibleYes
Social Worker Continuing EdNo
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Provider529 - Professional Development
Category529 - Professional Development
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Public NotesBreak scheduled from 11:30 - 1:00.
Evaluation Summary-Model, Q and A, Time Frame -Had more learning opportunities for primary teachers -Writing, focus on multi modal, loose parts, make writing opportunities -Follow up
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CTLE Activities

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Districts That Can Send Participants

  • Allegany-Limestone Central School
  • Andover Central School
  • Belfast Central School
  • Bolivar-Richburg Central School
  • Cattaraugus-Little Valley Central School
  • Cuba-Rushford Central School
  • Ellicottville Central School
  • Fillmore Central School
  • Franklinville Central School
  • Friendship Central School
  • Genesee Valley Central School
  • Hinsdale Central School
  • Olean City Schools
  • Pioneer Central School
  • Portville Central School
  • Randolph Academy Union Free School
  • Randolph Central School
  • Salamanca City Schools
  • Scio Central School
  • Wellsville Central School
  • West Valley Central School
  • Whitesville Central School
  • CA-BOCES Admin
  • CA-BOCES Exceptional Education
  • CA Teacher Center

First Day of Seminar Series

Learning Standards

  • 1 Knowledge Students and Student Learning
  • 2 Knowledge of Content and Instruction
  • 3 Instructional Practice
  • 5 Assessment for Learning
  • 7 Professional Growth