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Seminar NameEisenhower Consortium 2017-18
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Seminar Short Desc3D Printers! Lego WeDo Robotics! 3D Printing Pens! Come learn about and go hands-on with the materials from this years Eisenhower Consortium and explore how they can be used across multiple age and grade levels.
Seminar Full DescThe materials have arrived! This invitation only training will be a chance to learn, discover, and go hands-on with materials purchased, including the DeltaGo 3D Printer, Lego WeDo 2.0 Robotics set and add-on kits, Lix 3D Pens and more.
Seminar Date03/29/2018
Opening Time8:30 am
Closing Time2:30 pm
Last Day To Register03/28/2018      [ Note: After this date, participation changes can be requested by e-mailing Laurie Sledge ]
Twin SeminarNot set
Seminar AudienceAdministrators, Curriculum Administrator, Technology Integrator, Technology Director, STEM Teacher, Teacher
Seminar PrerequisitesParticipating district in the 2017-18 Eisenhower Consortium
Seminar Objectives-Setup and use the DeltaGo 3D Printer
-Import design files and print through the use of Cura software
-Learn basic coding through the Lego WeDo 2.0 software and material kits
-Discuss Project-Based Learning tasks that can be used in the classroom tying these materials altogether.
Assessment of Learning-Group discussions
Seminar Topics-3D Printing
-Design Principles
Seminar Broadcast NotesDistrict must participate in the 2017-2018 Eisenhower Consortium
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SiteCA BOCES - Southern Tier West
LocationLarge Room and DL Room
Site TypeRegional
Duration6 Hours
Seminar StatusHeld
WorkshopEisenhower Consortium 2017-18
Starting Registration8:00 am
Credit Hours6.00
CTLE EligibleYes
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Provider517 - Model Schools
Category822 - Eisenhower Consoritium
Alt Fee Per ParticipantNot set
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Evaluation SummaryComments: -Great to play and problem solve since will have to do that in classroom -Personalized learning -Persistent at figuring it all out Still need: -More time with the programs to figure out the kinks and feel confident with using the products -3D pens professional development upon their arrival Action plans: -Continue learning from the products at school -Employ learning with students in classrooms -Share with other colleagues
Evaluation Summary FileEval Summary
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Seminar Id2077

CTLE Activities

  • Pedagogy


Districts That Can Send Participants

  • Bolivar-Richburg Central School
  • Cuba-Rushford Central School
  • Franklinville Central School
  • Genesee Valley Central School
  • Hinsdale Central School
  • Olean City Schools
  • West Valley Central School

Learning Standards

  • 2 Knowledge of Content and Instruction
  • 3 Instructional Practice
  • 4 Learning Environment
  • 5 Assessment for Learning