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Workshop NameOn Demand: Accessibility Moodle
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School Year2018-2019
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Category517 - Model Schools
SubcategoryTechnology Integration
Provider517 - Model Schools
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Duration3 Hours
LevelSED CODES 1,2,3,4
Total Workshop Days1.0
Credit Hours3.00
Days To Bill0.5
Participants Must Attend All DaysNo
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Workshop Full DescDigital compliance is a phrase that often creates hesitation and concern. However, when we have a better understanding of digital accessibility, digital compliance can become second nature as we create and update digital content. To help with this process, the asynchronous Accessibility Moodle was designed with three modules to be completed in succession.

Module 1: Introduction to Accessibility (3 CTLE credits & Intro to Accessibility Badge)
Module 2: Creating Accessible Content with Microsoft Office (3 CTLE credits & Microsoft Office Accessibility Badge)
Module 3: Compliance (3 CTLE credits & Digital Compliance Badge)
Workshop AudienceAnyone
Workshop PrerequisitesNot set
Workshop ObjectivesModule 1: Intro to Accessibility
- Explore the need for digital accessibility
- Explore readily available assistive technologies

Module 2: Creating Accessible Content with Microsoft Office
- Explore assitive features with various Microsoft applications
- Create digitally accessible content with Microsoft

Module 3: Compliance
- Differentiate between accessibility and compliance
- Navigate American's with Disabilities Act(ADA) compliance resources
Assessment of Learning-Each module has at least one assessment in which participants will complete a summative module quiz and/or submit digitally accessible content.
Workshop Topics-Accessibility
-Microsoft Office
Workshop Broadcast NotesNot set
Submitted For Approval10/31/2018
Online Course InstructionsParticipants will need a CA BOCES Moodle account to access this training. If you do not have one or are unsure please contact Carrie Oliver at
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CTLE EligibleYes
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Workshop Id921
Added ByLaurie Sledge
BocesCattaraugus-Allegany BOCES
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Entry Date10/03/2018 11:18
Last Modified Date10/31/2018 12:30

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