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Workshop NameDeveloping Engaging Experiences for Primary Classrooms with Lisa Murphy
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Workshop Short DescLisa Murphy has been involved in early childhood education for over 20 years, teaching and learning with young children. She is the founder and CEO of Ooey Gooey, Inc., and is a nationally recognized presenter and keynote speaker.
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School Year2018-2019
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SubcategoryEarly Childhood
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Duration6 Hours
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Workshop Full DescWhat if Today Was Their Only Day? (Keynote)
In this motivational keynote address Lisa shares the powerful story of her first day of school. Through active and engaging storytelling Lisa brings you back to her first day, taking you on a grand tour of Miss Mary s Nursery School. And, in the style she has become famous for, she shares many observations, lessons and anecdotes about how early childhood has changed along the way. Lisa will share the sights sounds and smells of the place where, at the young age of three, she decided to become a teacher and identifies the how, and why, that one day solidified her decision to become an educator. This inspiring keynote gets participants back in touch with their personal how and why. It gets them excited and gets them thinking: If it WAS their only day, what will they remember?

Identifying and Creating Child Centered Environments
This workshop provides an in-depth exploration of the 9 points within the framework of Lisa Murphy s approach to working with children. Via interactive lecture, true-to-life examples, anecdotes and her signature learning and laughing style, this workshop presents what it really means to be a hands-on, play-based, child-centered program.

The Importance of Early Experiences: How play IS Kindergarten Readiness!
During this session Lisa will identify the seven things we need to do with children each day. These seven things make up the foundation that supports the house of higher learning. There is nothing wrong with the academic expectations within this house: reading, writing, math the trouble is that many early childhood educators are being pressured to build a house where there is no foundation. And you do not need to be an architect to know that if you build where there is no foundation, the house will come crashing down! Playing is getting them ready and through an investigation of each of the seven things, Lisa shows you how. This session has become one of Lisa Murphy s most popular workshops. By making time to create, move, sing, discuss, observe, read and play we are getting children ready not just for kindergarten, but for life!
Workshop AudiencePK-1st Grade Teachers, Administrators
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Workshop ObjectivesParticipants will have an opportunity to reflect, connect, assess, and explore current and past instructional practice during Lisa Murphy's Keynote.
Participants will explore the 9 points within the framework of Lisa Murphy's approach to working with children.
Participants will identify the 7 things we need to do with children each day to support the foundation of higher learning and thinking.
Assessment of LearningParticipant learning will be assessed through group discussions and self assessment.
Workshop TopicsThis workshop will be presented by Lisa Murphy and is based on her latest book "Play-The Foundation of Children's Learning."
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