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Workshop NameEmpowering Students to Own Their Learning
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Workshop Short DescGuided by the book Empower by John Spencer and AJ Juliani, we'll explore how we can transform our teaching to become more student-centered, empowering our students to become more self-directed in their learning. We'll examine the challenges that standards, curriculum, and every day realities of school create for us, and plan for ways to get students more involved and engaged in their learning.
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School Year2018-2019
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Category517 - Model Schools
SubcategoryCurric: Project Based Learning
Provider529 - Professional Development
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Duration6 Hours
LevelSED CODES 1,2,3,4
Total Workshop Days1.0
Credit Hours6.00
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Participant Approval NeededNo
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Workshop Full DescWhen we empower students, they crave learning that is both meaningful and relevant to their life, now and in the future, with opportunities to be unabashedly different and exceptionally remarkable. How does this fit in our world of standards, curriculum, and the every day realities of school?

Guided by the book Empower by John Spencer and A.J. Juliani, we'll explore how we can overcome these challenges and turn them into opportunities to transform our teaching to become more student-centered and for our students to become self-directed in their learning. Over the three days, we will share thoughts, ideas, and plans with other teachers in this collaborative learning community and create a network of support and guidance in the journey to help students become more involved and engaged in their own learning.
Workshop AudienceP-12 Teachers
Workshop PrerequisitesNot set
Workshop ObjectivesParticipants will explore instructional and assessment strategies to make students self-motivated and self-directed learners.

Participants will plan for implementation of learned strategies into their own practice.
Assessment of LearningNot set
Workshop TopicsEngagement vs. Empowerment
What does it mean to empower students and how is that accomplished?
How can we create opportunities within our own instruction for students to become more involved in the learning?
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Submitted For Approval03/29/2019
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