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Workshop NameInterpreting and Developing an IEP
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School Year2021-2022
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CategoryEx Ed - Internal PD for Exceptional Education
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Duration6.5 Hours
LevelSED CODES 1,2,3,4
Total Workshop Days1.0
Credit Hours6.00
Days To Bill0.0
Participants Must Attend All DaysNo
District Always Pays Participant FeeYes
Participant Approval NeededNo
Scoring ExamsNo
Assigned SeatingNo
Assigned Seating By TableNo
Limit One District Per TableNo
Rep Reg Days Before ScoringNot set
Workshop Full DescThis training will provide an overview of the 11 components of an IEP. Participants will learn what needs to be included in each section of the IEP. They will identify connects throughout the IEP and learn how to use the information in the Present Level of Performance (PLP) to develop goals. Participants will discover how to write quality goals that are measurable. Resources from NYSED will be included and referenced throughout the training.
Workshop Audience-Teachers
Workshop PrerequisitesNot set
Workshop Objectives-Participants will identify the components of an IEP
-Participants will be able to recognize and describe the necessary features in the components of the Present Level of Performance and reflect on the connections throughout the IEP
-Participants will demonstrate the ability to develop quality goals
-Participants will outline the differences between general assessments and NYSAA
-Participants will connect barriers of the disability to accommodations and services
Assessment of Learning-Participants modeled the task of writing an effective goal based on specific examples
-Questions and answers
Workshop Topics, Concepts & Resources-Interpreting and Developing an IEP
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Submitted For Approval05/06/2022
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CTLE EligibleYes
Social Worker Continuing EdNo
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BocesCattaraugus-Allegany BOCES
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