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Workshop NameHigh School to College Symposium: Developing Students' Research Skills
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Workshop Short DescThis symposium will feature key research skills students need for successful integration into higher education. Topics include narrowing a topic, Question Formation Technique, database tools and searching, and creating citations. Also being presented is a PreK-12 scaffold of research skills paired with technology skills. Feedback will be solicited with the goal of this document being made available to all component school districts within CA BOCES for the 2020-2021 academic year.
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School Year2020-2021
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Duration5.25 Hours
LevelSED CODES 1,2,3,4
Total Workshop Days1.0
Credit Hours5.25
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Workshop Full DescAttendees will be informed of the necessary research skills required for incoming college freshman. Activities include using a variety of tools within a database, selecting a research topic, completing a keyword search, selecting resources, annotations, and creating citations. Discussion will also focus on necessary Word skills needed for writing (formatting pages, headers, etc.)
Attendees will also evaluate and provide feedback on a PreK-12 scaffold of research and technology skills to be shared with all 22 component school districts within CA BOCES.
Workshop AudienceTeachers who assign a research project to students.
Workshop PrerequisitesNot set
Workshop Objectives* Create a research question and determine key words for searching within a database.
* Identify and use various tools within a database
* Select an article and create a citation
* Compare and contrast several databases
* Evaluate scaffold for research skills and provide feedback
Assessment of Learning* Using an image, artifact, or statement, a research question will be created.
* Key words will be charted and searched within a database for successful retrieval of article
* A citation will be created in APA or MLA format
* Attendees will explain the benefits / complications of their experience with at least two databases
* Attendees will provide constructive feedback on the PreK-12 research scaffold
Workshop TopicsResearch skills, Library databases, Narrowing a research topic, high school to college
Workshop Broadcast NotesPlease bring a laptop to this session.
Submitted For Approval11/19/2019
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