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Workshop NameGetting the Most of Your TEAM in Microsoft Office 365
Workshop BrochureWorkshop Brochure
External Workshop BrochureNot set
Workshop Short DescLearn how collaborate communicate with your students or colleagues using Microsoft Teams in Office 365. Easily distribute and collect assignments, create a message board and share files.
Workshop CodeNot set
School Year2019-2020
FrequencyNot set
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Category517 - Model Schools
SubcategoryTechnology Integration
Provider517 - Model Schools
LocationNot set
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Duration6 Hours
LevelSED CODES 1,2,3,4
Total Workshop Days1.0
Credit Hours6.00
Days To Bill1.0
Participants Must Attend All DaysNo
District Always Pays Participant FeeYes
Participant Approval NeededNo
Scoring ExamsNo
Assigned SeatingNo
Assigned Seating By TableNo
Limit One District Per TableNo
Rep Reg Days Before ScoringNot set
Workshop Full DescMicrosoft Teams in Office 365 can be used for all of your departments, teams, classroom or learning networks. Teams integrates with all of the Microsoft programs to easily communicate and collaborate with other people. Teachers can easily distribute all collect work to create a digital dropbox for students.
Workshop AudienceTeachers, Instructional Coaches, Administrators
Workshop PrerequisitesOffice 365 accounts
Workshop ObjectivesParticipants will be able to:
-Navigate the Teams app
-Communicate and share files in Teams
-Create a Team for professional learning
-Create a Team for the classroom
Assessment of LearningCreation and integration of Microsoft Teams.
Workshop Topics)ffice 365, Microsoft Teams, One Note, Online Teaching.
Workshop Broadcast NotesNot set
Submitted For Approval02/13/2020
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CTLE EligibleYes
Alt Fee Per ParticipantNot set
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Workshop Id1049
Added ByRobert K. Miller
BocesCattaraugus-Allegany BOCES
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Entry Date01/15/2019 09:09:00
Last Modified Date02/13/2020 09:19:45

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Learning Standards

  • 1 Knowledge Students and Student Learning
  • 3 Instructional Practice
  • 7 Professional Growth