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Seminar NameOn Demand: Intro to Restorative Practices (Mindsets)
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Workshop Full Desc-Participants learned what Restorative Practices is
-Participants learned about the Social Discipline Window and the Restorative Practices Continuum
-Participants utilized a self-reflection activity to identify how "Restorative" they are
Seminar Date03/24/2023
Opening Time11:30 am
Closing Time1:00 pm
Last Day To Register03/23/2023      [ Note: After this date, participation changes can be requested by e-mailing Laurie Sledge ]
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Seminar Topics, Concepts & Resources-Facilitate a Building Restorative Practice Awareness training for elementary teachers and support staff
-Provide an overview of what Restorative Practices is, how it can be beneficial for students and teachers
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Seminar Objectives-Restorative Mindsets
Work Summary-To explore more about Restorative Mindsets using the Social Discipline Window
Assessment of Learning-Participants engaged in dialogue, reflection and active participation
Evaluation Summary NotesParticipants were able to laugh at where they were in various situations within the social discipline window
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Next Steps-Scheduling more time for content
-People are happier when things are done 'with' them rather than 'to or for' them
-Continued work with Restorative Mindsets
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SiteScio Central School District
LocationScio Central School
Site StatusOn Demand
Duration1.5 Hours
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Seminar StatusHeld
WorkshopOn Demand: Intro to Restorative Practices
Starting Registration11:00 am
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Provider529 - Professional Development
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Added ByLaurie Sledge
Seminar Id8529

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