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Seminar NameBook Study: Behind Their Screens
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Seminar Short Desc"Behind Their Screens" is a book about the impact of social media on our lives and society. The book study involves analyzing its themes, evaluating its relevance, and reflecting on its implications.
Seminar Full Desc"Behind Their Screens" is a non-fiction book that provides a deep insight into the world of social media and its impact on our lives, relationships, and society as a whole. It offers a comprehensive analysis of the psychological and social effects of social media and highlights the importance of digital literacy and responsible use of technology. The book study of "Behind Their Screens" would involve examining its key themes and arguments, evaluating its relevance and applicability to real-world situations, and reflecting on its potential implications for individuals, communities, and policymakers.
Seminar Date02/15/2024
Opening Time3:00 pm
Closing Time4:00 pm
Last Day To Register01/15/2024      [ Note: After this date, participation changes can be requested by e-mailing Laurie Sledge ]
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Seminar AudienceEducators, Administrators, etc.
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Seminar Topics, Concepts & Resources- The psychological and social effects of social media use, including addiction, anxiety, and social comparison.
- The impact of social media on communication and relationships, including the role of social media in facilitating or hindering connection and community building.
- The ethical considerations surrounding social media use, including issues related to privacy, data collection, and censorship.
- The role of social media in shaping public discourse and political activism, including the potential for social media to promote positive change and social justice.
- The importance of digital literacy and responsible use of technology in promoting a healthy and sustainable relationship with social media.
Seminar Broadcast NotesFirst 25 participants will get a copy of the book.
Seminar Objectives- To gain a better understanding of the psychological and social effects of social media on individuals and society as a whole.-
- To evaluate the relevance and applicability of the book's arguments to real-world situations and personal experiences with social media.
- To reflect on the potential implications of the book's findings for individuals, communities, and policymakers in promoting digital literacy and responsible use of technology.
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Assessment of Learning- Organize group discussions where participants can share their thoughts, insights, and questions about the book's content.
- Encourage participants to reflect on their personal experiences with social media and how the book's findings relate to their own lives.
- Provide opportunities for participants to discuss the implications it has on their professional lives
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WorkshopBook Study: Behind Their Screens
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