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Seminar NameOn Demand: Technology Training (activity planning)
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Seminar Short DescOn demand technology training and support in school districts.
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Seminar Date01/30/2023
Opening Time9:00 am
Closing Time1:00 pm
Last Day To Register01/27/2023      [ Note: After this date, participation changes can be requested by e-mailing Laurie Sledge ]
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Seminar Topics, Concepts & Resources-Plan tech integration days
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Seminar Objectives-Plan, brainstorm and build a scope and sequence for upcoming tech integration days
Work Summary-Planned for February and Match tech activities via one-on-one and grade level meetings
Assessment of Learning-Participants had verbal discussion and plans that were created for coming dates
Evaluation Summary Notes-It was good to get teacher feedback and input so we can tailor the tech time to their students' needs
Needed Changes-Puzzlets were not a hit in 2nd grade
-Planning on incorporating digital Breakout Edu
Next Steps-Come in on Thursday 2/2/23 for next lesson
-Create new gimkit for kindergarten/3rd grade multiplication
-Find Breakout Edu games for K, 2, & 3
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SiteEllicottville Central School District
LocationEllicottville Central School
Site StatusOn Demand
Duration4 Hours
Rolling Online CourseNo
Moodle Online CourseNot set
Seminar StatusHeld
WorkshopOn Demand: Technology Training
Starting Registration8:30 am
Credit Hours4.00
CTLE EligibleYes
Social Worker Continuing EdNo
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Provider517 - Model Schools
Category517 - Model Schools
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Added ByLaurie Sledge
Seminar Id8209

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  • Ellicottville Central School

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