View Seminar: Belmont CTE Staff Training-Remote Learning Idea Sharing Part 2

Seminar NameBelmont CTE Staff Training-Remote Learning Idea Sharing Part 2
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Seminar Date11/17/2020
Opening Time2:45 pm
Closing Time3:15 pm
Last Day To Register11/16/2020      [ Note: After this date, participation changes can be requested by e-mailing Laurie Sledge ]
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Seminar Topics, Concepts & Resources-Remote Learning Idea Sharing
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Seminar Objectives-Teachers will discuss ideas for how to teach well and connect with students on remote learning days
-Sharing successes and helping each other figure out some of the challenges (like, ":what do we do with students with no internet at home?" and other topics of interest)
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Assessment of Learning-Teachers will record their most valuable take-aways and actions they intend to take
Evaluation Summary NotesTeachers learned:
-Kids not doing work is a big challenge
-Students getting a "free pass" - unearned higher grades - is a problem
-Find ways to make instructions more clear
-Helping kids complete assignments and work
-Keep trying!
-Try different things
-About grievances teachers have
-Reminders about checking for assignments
-Ideas for students who aren't participating
-Routine building
-Weekly check of missing assignments
-Communicating with virtual students
-Teams pointers and helpful hints
-Various activities to stay connected
Teachers will now:
-Contact admin re: concerns
-Look into ideas from feedback
-More conversations with students to ensure they understand
-Figure out plans specifically for students with no internet at home
-Folders and binders for virtual learning material
-Time to get work done
-Encourage teachers to start a routine with students to check missing work
-Take polls daily on Teams for participation and to build routine
-Daily group text to remote students
-Make teams more of a habit to prep for possible remote learning
-Think of more activities to connect with remote students
Teachers want more help/information about:
-Good virtual learning practices - accountability for students
-How remote learning should look if we end up going to that for a longer term amount of time again
-Creating polls in teams
-Virtual field trips
-Teams assignments
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SiteCA BOCES - Belmont CTE
LocationDistance Learning Room
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WorkshopBelmont CTE Staff Training
Starting Registration2:15 pm
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CategoryCTE - Internal PD for CTE
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