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Seminar NameBelmont CTE Staff Training - Classroom management tips and tricks session 1
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Seminar Date10/08/2019
Opening Time2:45 pm
Closing Time3:15 pm
Last Day To Register10/07/2019      [ Note: After this date, participation changes can be requested by e-mailing Laurie Sledge ]
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Seminar Objectives-Teachers will be reminded of some core things we can do to motivate students and keep them engaged and way to deal with challenging students
-We'll discuss how these common-tricks might look different in CTE as well as open the floor for teachers to share things that have worked well in their own classrooms
Assessment of Learning-Teachers will record their most valuable take-aways and detail action(s) they will take as a result of the PD session
Seminar TopicsClassroom management tips and tricks
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SiteCA BOCES - Belmont CTE
LocationMulti-Purpose Room at Belmont CTE
Site StatusRegional
Duration0.5 Hours
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WorkshopBelmont CTE Staff Training
Starting Registration2:15 pm
Credit Hours0.50
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CategoryCTE - Internal PD for CTE
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Evaluation SummaryTeachers learned: -Create and display high quality rules in class -Be very clear on expectations -Make sure to have privileges for students to lose or gain -Develop simple consequences -Consistency in rule enforcement is key -Word things as student choice -There's such thing as too nice Teachers will now: -Consider creating a point system for behavior and a "paycheck" system as a reward and financial teaching system -Clarify expectations on rules with students -Reflect on previous negative experiences to determine what went wrong -Be more consistent -Use a firm voice when necessary Teachers want more help/information about: -Continue this topic -Analyze and possibly negative experiences to determine what went wrong -Trying to understand why he/she scored low on classroom management in teacher observation and review
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