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Seminar NameOn Demand: NYS Science Learning Standards
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Seminar Full DescNot set
Seminar Date04/30/2019
Opening Time8:00 am
Closing Time3:00 pm
Last Day To Register04/29/2019
Twin SeminarNot set
Seminar AudienceNot set
Seminar PrerequisitesNot set
Seminar Objectives-Teachers will analyze curriculum order and standards
-Teachers will be able to analyze LAB-Aids content
Assessment of Learning-Questions and answers
-Crosswalk of LAB-Aids to current practices
-Finished curriculum map
Seminar Topics-Identify gaps within current curriculum and future of new curriculum
-Discuss curriculum models of conceptual/integrated vs domain specific
-Review make-up and contents of LAB-Aids product through website
-Have teachers thinking about current unit of what they do in practice
-Read through kit and point out characteristics within
-Reflect and compare their unit to LAB-Aids unit
-Discuss pros/cons, engagement and final thoughts
-Develop plan of action
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SiteFranklinville Central School District
LocationFranklinville Middle-High School
Site TypeOn Demand
Duration7 Hours
Seminar StatusHeld
WorkshopOn Demand: NYS Science Learning Standards
Starting Registration7:30 am
Credit Hours7.00
CTLE EligibleYes
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Provider529 - Professional Development
Category521 - STEM (Science Kits)
Alt Fee Per ParticipantNot set
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Evaluation SummaryComments: -Helpful -Informative -Mapping out curriculum plan Still need: -Time with curriculum and kits -Review Elizabeth Mirra work Action plan: -Review kits -Look at frame work
Evaluation Summary FileEval Summary
Cancelled DateNot set
Seminar Id3636

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