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Seminar Name: 20 Innovative Ideas for 2020
Seminar Date: 11/12/2019
Opening Time:
Closing Time:
Duration: 12 Hours
Starting Registration:
Seminar Status: Available
Credit Hours: 12.00
Days To Bill: 2.0
Capacity: 30
Participants Must Attend All Days: No
External Seminar Brochure:  http:///brochure/workshop/b1/wo_2019_894874da2a00a72e5124eb00aec80c6f_20 Innovative Ideas flyer 2019-2020.pdf
Online Course Instructions: An Asynchronous course will be created in Moodle. All teachers will have access. Directions of how to connect will be emailed to participants.
Online Course Url:
Max Enrollment Per District:
Online Course Type: Moodle
Alt Billing: No
Alt Fee Per Participant:
Seminar Id: 3237