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Seminar NameLead Evaluator Refresher
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Seminar Short DescThis offering is intended for those administrators experienced with the process of teacher evaluation and looking for a refresher on the practice and protocol behind evaluative measures as a whole.
Seminar Full Desc-Review Ellicottville Central School's APPR Plan (2014 NYSUT, teacher practice rubric) and Student Learning Objectives (SLO's)
-Review Ellicottville Central School's Indicators for teacher observation:
Standards II.2.b, III.1.b, III.2.a, III.2.c, III.2.d, III.6.a, III.6.b, IV.1.a, IV.3.a, IV.4.a, V.5.b
Workshop Full DescThis training is intended for those that have previously participated in Lead Evaluator offerings. In an effort to support your continued endeavors with the process of teacher evaluation, this training will give attention to inter-rater agreement and reliability using both the NYSUT and Danielson rubrics, as well as continue to highlight any and all state-prescribed components of the APPR and evaluation process.
Seminar Date03/14/2018
Opening Time8:00 am
Closing Time1:00 pm
Last Day To Register03/13/2018      [ Note: After this date, participation changes can be requested by e-mailing Laurie Sledge ]
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Seminar PrerequisitesThis training is intended for those that have previously participated in Lead Evaluator offerings.
Seminar Objectives-Review Ellicottville Central School APPR plan - 2014 NYSUT teach practice rubric
-Review Ellicottville Central School Indicators for teacher observation
-Review script, pre/post conference forms, practice scoring using RightPath, Student Success System
Assessment of Learning-Practice evaluations via RightPath, Student Success System
-Practice scoring - administrators scored similarly
-Reviewed that there's a straight average of the 11 standards (observable indicators) even though 6 of the 11 standards are standard III
Seminar TopicsTeacher Evaluation
Inter-rater agreement
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SiteEllicottville Central School District
LocationEllicottville Central School
Site TypeOn Demand
Duration5 Hours
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WorkshopLead Evaluator Refresher
Starting Registration7:30 am
Credit Hours5.00
CTLE EligibleYes
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Provider529 - Professional Development
Category529 - Professional Development
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