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View Seminar: Middle School (6-8) Science Collaborative Learning Community (CLC): NYS Science Learning Standards

Seminar NameMiddle School (6-8) Science Collaborative Learning Community (CLC): NYS Science Learning Standards
Seminar BrochureNot set
External Seminar BrochureSeminar Brochure
Seminar Short DescParticipants will get a brief overview of NYS Science Learning Standards and suggest pathways for teaching the banded standards.
Seminar Full DescParticipants will be able to analyze the Middle School NYS Science Learning Standards banded 6-8 and learn more about their format and content. Colleagues will be able to share expertise about lesson creation, ideas, and guidelines for implementing a curriculum in the middle school grades. At the end of the day, participants will have a path to navigate the new standards with a suggested timeline.
Seminar Date03/23/2017
Opening Time8:30 am
Closing Time2:30 pm
Twin SeminarNot set
Seminar AudienceMiddle School Science Teachers (6-8)
Seminar PrerequisitesNone
Seminar ObjectivesEngage in activities about the three dimensions and performance expectations.
Collaborate with colleagues for lesson and curriculum development.
Assessment of LearningNot set
Seminar TopicsMiddle School NYS Science Learning Standards
Science Curriculum
Science Lessons
Seminar Broadcast NotesNot set
Online Course TypeNot set
LocationTraining Room
Site TypeRegional
Duration6 Hours
Seminar StatusHeld
WorkshopMiddle School Science Collaborative Learning Community (CLC)
Starting Registration8:00 am
Credit Hours6.00
CTLE EligibleYes
Online Course InstructionsNot set
Online Course UrlNot set
Alt Fee Per ParticipantNot set
Public NotesNot set
Evaluation SummaryNot set
Evaluation Summary FileNot set
Cancelled DateNot set
Seminar Id917

CTLE Activities

  • Content


Districts That Can Send Participants

  • Allegany-Limestone Central School
  • Andover Central School
  • Belfast Central School
  • Bolivar-Richburg Central School
  • Cattaraugus-Little Valley Central School
  • Cuba-Rushford Central School
  • Ellicottville Central School
  • Fillmore Central School
  • Franklinville Central School
  • Friendship Central School
  • Genesee Valley Central School
  • Hinsdale Central School
  • Olean City Schools
  • Pioneer Central School
  • Portville Central School
  • Randolph Academy Union Free School
  • Randolph Central School
  • Salamanca City Schools
  • Scio Central School
  • Wellsville Central School
  • West Valley Central School
  • Whitesville Central School
  • CA-BOCES Special Education
  • CA Teacher Center

Learning Standards

  • 2 Knowledge of Content and Instruction
  • 3 Instructional Practice
  • 6 Responsibilities Collaboration