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View Seminar: On Demand: Promethean/Classflow

Seminar NameOn Demand: Promethean/Classflow
Seminar BrochureSeminar Brochure
External Seminar BrochureNot set
Seminar Short DescAre you upgrading to Classflow from Active Inspire? Come learn from Promethean trainers how to best use Promethean's Classflow in your classroom.
Seminar Full DescClassFlow Teacher gives an understanding of the basic tools and capabilities of Promethean Trainer Paul Nasar will lead the presentation. ClassFlow, providing participants with a foundation for continuing to build their knowledge of the software and its application in the classroom. Participants in this course will receive step-by-step, hands-on instruction with integrated curriculum examples. The This half day session will focus on building within the software and delivering lessons.
Seminar Date01/22/2018
Opening Time9:00 am
Closing Time12:00 pm
Last Day To RegisterNot set
Twin SeminarNot set
Seminar AudienceAll teachers and administrators
Seminar Prerequisitesexperience with an Interactive White Board.
bring a mobile device
Seminar Objectives1:1 classroom strategies with Classflow
Build activities in Classflow
Create Assessments in Classflow
Assessment of LearningTeachers will create lessons
Seminar TopicsClassflow
Seminar Broadcast NotesThank you for registering. Please bring a mobile device to this workshop.
Online Course TypeNot set
SiteCuba-Rushford Central School District
LocationCuba-Rushford Middle-High School
Site TypeOn Demand
Duration3 Hours
Seminar StatusHeld
Starting Registration8:30 am
Credit Hours3.00
CTLE EligibleYes
Online Course InstructionsNot set
Online Course UrlNot set
Provider517 - Model Schools
Category517 - Model Schools
Alt Fee Per ParticipantNot set
Public NotesHigh School Board Room
Evaluation SummaryNot set
Evaluation Summary FileNot set
Cancelled DateNot set
Seminar Id1911

CTLE Activities

  • Pedagogy


Districts That Can Send Participants

  • Cuba-Rushford Central School

Learning Standards

  • 1 Knowledge Students and Student Learning
  • 3 Instructional Practice
  • 4 Learning Environment